These drinks can improve the quality of sleep

Psychologist Deborah Sewitch based on 35 years of studying human sleep, insomnia and the factors that affect it, called the drinks, which improve sleep and which you should avoid.

Эти напитки способны улучшить качество сна

Drunk before bedtime glass of cherry juice, you’ll be able to fall asleep much faster. He also advised workers of the night shift, to make it easier to sleep in the morning.

Tea made from chamomile flowers with pieces of passion fruit also has a positive effect on sleep quality. This drink should drink a half hour before bedtime, adding a little honey.

A glass of milk before going to bed (90 minutes) will help you fall asleep faster.

Water is the most important drink that you should drink not only before sleep but also during the day to maintain health. However, a glass of water before bed stimulates the kidneys, which can cause the fact that during the first hours of sleep will have to Wake up.

However, some drinks negatively affect the sleep of alcohol and coffee before sleep should be abandoned.

And another is to stop drinking any liquid one hour before bedtime. Then breaking it within the first few hours, when sleep is the deepest and the body recovers after a busy day, will be minimal.