These drinks will help to cope with a headache

Hundreds of thousands of citizens suffer from migraines, and some medications, unfortunately, do not give the full effect.

Эти напитки помогут справиться с головной болью

German doctors have described what drinks will help to reduce the intensity of chronic headaches.

Cayenne pepper. It has analgesic properties, reduces levels of substance P, which is a chemical that transports pain messages to the brain. To get the maximum effect, boil a quarter teaspoon of Cayenne pepper in hot water and then drink.

The mint tea. Stomach disorders are some of the common symptoms of migraine attacks, but mint tea is known for its ability to positively influence it for the stomach. In addition, peppermint oil applied to the forehead may help to reduce migraine pain.

Warm water with lemon. During the migraine attacks our digestive system significantly slows down. Water with lemon is rich in vitamin C, it will help clean our bodies and disperse the digestive system. To combat the pain of a migraine, drink warm water with lemon, which you can also add honey.

Ginger tea. Ginger can effectively treat migraines and severe headaches, as shown by the research of American scientists. To do this, the ginger must be finely cut and put in a Cup of hot water. This drink would be more effective if you also add lemon juice and honey.