These foods you can eat after six

Do not eat after 18:00 quite unrealistic and harmful.

But if you want to lose weight choose the best diet foods for the evening meal. And no, it’s not yogurt.

Эти продукты можно есть после шести


A minimum of calories and a lot of useful trace elements! Have you heard the myth that mushrooms are a heavy food? Hehe, well, if fry in plenty of oil, and then extinguish in 30% sour cream… And so — low-calorie diet product. The main thing — not to make potatoes.


Squash, eggplant, mushrooms and vegetables is a great hearty, healthy and delicious version of side dish.


Very much appreciated due to the presence in it of bringing excess cholesterol components. If the day you could not resist and ate something zhirnenky, corn does not allow the fat to settle in your body!


In General, consider a dessert. But only 42 calories per 100 grams. And also prevents morning puffiness! How many calories in other fruits.


Contains substances that affect the colour and elasticity of the skin. And it is good for the digestion, improves the functioning of digestive tract.


Excellent natural antioxidant, nectarine improves metabolism, rejuvenates the body, helps in the digestion of fatty foods. And the fiber in its composition, helps prevent constipation and lowers cholesterol in the blood.


Well, we’re all about exotics? Repa stimulates the activity of the liver and bile flow, which prevents the formation of gallstones. And contains lysozyme — a substance with a very strong antimicrobial activity. “Natural antibiotic” to help you in the fight against acne and gives the immunity power. TOP dietary products by nutritionists.


Very easy and useful, because the pumpkin has vitamin T, which helps to digest heavy food and improves metabolism.


Cabbage diet the number one product. Yes, any: steamed, boiled or raw, and how much you want until you get bored.


Cod belongs to a class of skinny marine fish, and fat content in it is negligible: 0.6 grams per 100 grams of product. The protein content in cod is comparable to meat products. So this is one of the best dietary sources of protein.


The flesh of the pear is better tolerated by the body than the flesh of apples, and calories it is less.


This berry improves lipid metabolism, burns fat and eliminates heaviness in the stomach if you ate too much. And kiwi will help get rid of heartburn, display the excess sodium from the body (this is useful for those who like salty foods).


Beet betaine lowers blood pressure, prevents arteriosclerosis and regulates fat metabolism, preventing obesity(especially fatty liver). Eat raw, baked or boiled — the benefits are the same! Lunch for 300: recipes of delicious dietary products.


It would be unfair not to make our list of the dietary product with a negative calorie content.


Contains a rare substance methionine having the properties of fat. Compared to other fish (a fish is a dietary product in principle), in flounder several times less connective tissue, so protein is quickly absorbed in the body, and you will feel like you ate too much before bed.