These habits are detrimental to your brain

Some people’s habits are bad for our brain.

Every day the human body undergoes the negative influence from the outside. But few people think about that hurts the brain.

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People used to complain about the inability to focus, poor memory, fatigue and so on, but for some reason, nobody pays attention to your lifestyle and habits that are actually bad for the brain.

Doctors have listed the habits, detrimental impact on the human brain:

1. The use of alcohol. Modern society is too fond of alcohol. Many people abuse alcohol and become dependent on it, without knowing it. Alcohol increases the risk of dementia, which can occur much earlier. Moreover, frequent alcohol consumption leads to atrophy of the brain and its reduction.

2. Smoking. Nicotine and other harmful substances in cigarettes contribute to premature aging of the brain, slowing down the blood supply. Plus, all smokers are at increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, in particular this applies to those who is a passive smoker.

3. The lack of sleep. For human health it is necessary to sleep 7-8 hours, if he doesn’t follow this rule, then there are some problems — insomnia, psychosis, depression, etc. Deteriorates the memory and even the level of intelligence declining because of the greatly reduced blood flow to the brain and this vital organ is simply no time to recover.

4. Chaotic power. Everything that you throw at yourself during the day, affects the whole body and the brain. This body does not need the carcinogens, preservatives, carbon dioxide and other harmful substances. The brain needs healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Therefore, you should abandon the habit is “horrible” and go on a balanced diet.

5. The lack of exercise. Many people lead a sedentary lifestyle, and this is very bad for the brain and its activity. Lack of movement reduces the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain centers, causing the body will cease to work as it should.

6. Stress. There are people who expose themselves to stress every day, several times. In the end, the brain-damaged and aging, and its owner is depressed, gaining weight, sleeps poorly, suffers from surges of blood pressure, etc.

7. Love for coffee. The awful caffeine affects the brain — it dehydrates, causes insomnia, triggers an irreversible process of premature aging and causes addiction. Therefore, doctors call coffee the most harmful drink for the brain.

8. Passion for computer games. Scientists have proven that playing on a computer cause the brain to react the same way as for a dose of hard drugs. That’s why video games cause terrible addiction in children and adults to get rid of that not so easy.

9. TV. A lot of people have given up TV, I like watching various TV shows and series is empty pastime. Scientists fully agree with this judgment, moreover, prolonged in front of the TV screen leads to disorders in the brain and increases the risk of stroke and of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

10. Gadgets. Electronic media cause a person not only dependence, but also stress. The brain can’t handle much extra information as he presents his owner. This slows the brain, broken processes of thinking, decreases productivity and efficiency of the person.