These hairstyles are a bull's eye for 50 plus ladies. Not only will they change the look, but also take a few years off

What hairstyles to choose after 50?

 These hairstyles are a bull's-eye for 50 plus ladies. They will not only change your look, but will also take a few years off

As the portal “Wirtualna Polska” reminds us, in order to take our years away, we do not have to undergo aesthetic medicine treatments. It turns out that a good cut can work wonders and take away many years. What hairstyle do stylists and hairdressers recommend to ladies over 50 who would like to be rejuvenated?

Bob – a timeless classic

Bob is a hairstyle that enjoys constant popularity. This type of cut is equally popular with younger and slightly older women. Bob is also great for ladies 50+. The hair in this cut follows the jawline, which not only emphasizes the oval of the face, but also optically rejuvenates it.

The advantage of a bob cut is that you do not have to spend long hours on styling and styling the hairstyle. All you need is a round brush and hair dryer.

Pixi cut

Another proposition for women over 50 is the pixi cut, but it is best for women who are not afraid of radical cuts. Strong shading and asymmetrical bangs are the characteristic features of this hairstyle, which not only rejuvenate but also add volume to the entire hairstyle. It is the perfect choice for ladies ready for short hair and a bold change.

Curtain bangs

Every fan of bangs will love this type of hairstyle. If you are not convinced of short hairstyles, all you need to do is get your bangs trimmed. You can choose it for different hair lengths and it will look great in all of them. All you need to do is shade the hair around your face so that it falls slightly over your forehead like a veil.

This type of hairstyle not only delights and adds volume, but also visually rejuvenates us. This type of fringe is used by many stars, younger and older generations with Jane Fonda at the helm.

What else is worth remembering?

If we want to subtract years with a haircut, it is worth remembering that not only the cut itself is important, but also the color we choose. Mature women should definitely avoid dark shades.

It is worth choosing light shades of brown, blond or platinum. The hit of the last months are the gray strands, which are used by ladies of all ages.

Which of the hairstyles do you like the most?