These measures to reduce the impact on the national economy

The current situation with pandemic coronavirus and the global crisis significantly influenced the Ukrainian economy. Businessman Sear Kurshutov have already felt the changes in the economy and said that will help to soften the blow.

Названы меры для уменьшения удара по национальной экономике

This writes the portal “Hvilya”.

Businessman Sear Kurchatov during the conversation with the chief editor of “Hvilya”, Yuri Romanenko told what in his opinion action should be taken by the government to soften the blow to the economy of the state. The expert noted that in this situation there is a chance to radically change the economic course of the state and make it more focused on the national economy.

The businessman shared his opinion after the issue of Yuri Romanenko on how he sees the process of minimising risks in the national economy. Sear Kurchatov told that sees in this case two aspects. The first aspect medical. From this point of view, according to the businessman, the government should tell citizens the truth about what is happening. Many now diagnosed with pneumonia, and people die from pneumonia, at the time ,as pneumonia may be a complication of coronavirus. And despite the title number of cases, in fact, the score of infected could go into thousands. According to Kurchatov the country and the government is not ready to face a challenge with a problem, to convey the information that even mask, medication remedies needed now in the country and not have to sell or to export. Kurchatov explained that raising prices is not to blame the business and not speculation,but first of all should pay attention to the actions of the customs service, which has seen export Declaration a month ago that are processed for export massively atypical goods in large quantities, and it was not reported and not paid attention to such movements. And after that we should move on to other aspects. The state in this difficult situation, according to the businessman help in connection with all events to clear all of domestic production at the time of carotene from payment of taxes. This will help to save jobs, preserve wages and increase margins. Now we need to create conditions for enterprises and to encourage them to export.