These popular products can lead to stroke

The risk of stroke can be reduced by excluding from the diet margarine, cakes, biscuits and chips, that is, products containing TRANS fats. This was told by the specialist nutritionist Antonina Starodubova.

Эти популярные продукты могут привести к инсульту

— It is proven that an increased risk of coronary heart disease and stroke linked to high consumption of saturated fats and TRANS fatty acids (TRANS fats). TRANS fats are found mainly in foods that contain processed, hydrogenated oils solid varieties of Margarines, chips, muffins, biscuits and more, — said the expert.

You should also limit consumption of fatty meats and poultry, sausage products and smoked products.

Lower cholesterol and risk of cardiovascular disease promotes, according to him, Mediterranean type of food with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, omega-3 fatty acids, vegetables and fruit.

World day against stroke is celebrated today, October 29.

Earlier it was reported that stroke considerably in recent years “younger”. At the end of the last century at risk were men over 45 and women over 55 years, and now a stroke occurs even at a 25-year-old.