These popular products cause increased appetite

If you care about the figure, once and for all give up the foods from this list.

Эти популярные продукты вызывают повышенный аппетит

Chips and crackers

These refreshments contain huge amounts of salt in a small pack can contain about 1 gram at a recommended daily intake of 5 g. of Course, eating so much salt, you will soon want to drink. And feeling thirsty we often mistake for hunger. In addition, the chips and crackers, as a rule, no protein, no fiber. All that you will receive as a result of such a snack is extra calories and simple carbohydrates that are instantly absorbed, causing sudden changes in blood sugar and provoke hunger.

The solution: prepare in the oven or microwave homemade chips from potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples or carrots. Instead of salt and sugar, use herbs – rosemary, Basil, thyme, cinnamon.

Diet coke

Effect on the body beverages with synthetic sweeteners – the issue is quite controversial. There are studies that prove that diet coke allows you to lose weight. But there is also evidence that sugar substitutes provoke the feeling of hunger. How does it happen? Artificial sweeteners affect the brain areas responsible for taste sensations, and are deceiving the body: your body is preparing to sugar, but doesn’t get it! The result of meeting no and you still want something sweet.

Solution. If you cannot imagine a happy life without the coke, do not exceed the daily rate of 200 ml is Better to drink a glass of soda after dinner, when you are full and you simply refuse to Supplement. In addition, there are still far and therefore, caffeine does not hurt you how to sleep.

Granola bars

As diet coke, energy bars are typically sweet to the taste, but it does not give your body real sugar.

Solution. Select bars in which the main ingredient is a useful natural product – for example, oat flakes and almonds. In addition, note the other components in a good bar should be at least 3 g fiber and 3 g protein. And remember that any snack should be no more than 200 kcal.

Fruit juice

Have no illusions: even if the package says “sugar free” fruit juice contains sugar. And, unless you drink 2-3 cups, then the level of glucose in the blood rapidly rises and then rapidly falls, causing a severe attack of hunger.

Solution. Eat the whole fruit, and your body will get the fiber is a valuable fiber, which guarantees good digestion and give a lasting feeling of satiety. And to enhance the effect, add a snack protein. For example, eat an Apple and 20 grams of cheese or pear and 2 teaspoons of peanut butter. Can’t live without juice? Dilute it with water in a ratio of 1/1.

Pasta from flour

Flour is cleaned from almost all of the beneficial nutrients and all that it gives your body is simple carbs and empty calories. So, regardless of how big a serving of pasta, you will soon want again, you want to eat.

Solution. Give preference to pasta, which is made on the basis of a flour from durum wheat. And always eat pasta with vegetables – zucchini, tomatoes, sweet pepper.


From the point of view of nutrition, the famous Japanese cuisine from two serious drawbacks. First, sushi is prepared from white rice, which has no fiber. Secondly, soy sauce belongs to the category of those that are too salty foods which cause a strong sense of thirst. As we have already said, thirst, the man often takes for hunger. Another problem: with a relatively small volume of servings of sushi is very high in calories. One roll can contain 400-500 calories, and few of us limited to just one.

Solution. If you decide to treat yourself to Japanese cuisine, start with miso soup and salad – calories in these meals a bit, but they are quite hearty. As a main dish order just one roll and minimize the amount of soy sauce.

Alcoholic cocktails

First, the alcohol slows down the reaction and prevent you to control yourself, and thus to monitor the amount eaten will be problematic. Secondly, alcohol contributes to dehydration and lowers the blood sugar level. So, the more you drink, the more want to eat.

Solution. Try to avoid sweet alcoholic beverages. Stick to the Golden rule: for every glass of cocktail drink a glass of mineral water to help avoid dehydration. And finally: never drink on an empty stomach. Before cocktails, eat something rich in fiber and proteins. For example, a handful of nuts, an Apple or natural yogurt.