These products are able to relieve a headache

A good alternative to pills.

Remember that you usually do for headache pain — turn out the lights, lie down in bed and take pain medication. However, what if the head is literally bursting with pain and impossible to relax and have some quiet time.

Эти продукты способны унять головную боль

Try to eat one of the products offered. The researchers found that the consumption of certain foods can not only facilitate, but also to prevent the occurrence of pain.

1. Water

Can skeptical potrivita, but here is what the Indian Dr. Batmanghelidzh: “…chronic pain that cannot be explained by infection or injury, should be interpreted primarily as signals of chronic dehydration in the area of the observed pain. This is an indicator of thirst. Among chronic pain treated for dyspepsia, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis, and constipation accompanying him, the syndrome of intermittent claudication (pain in legs when walking), migraine and headaches with a hangover, pain in the lower back, and anginal pain (heart pain when walking and even at rest)”. So try to drink at least two liters a day.

2. Watermelon

This large striped berry, like water, will help “feed” your body. Worse watermelon help other foods with high water content (cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, etc.). But watermelon is also a great amount of minerals that we lose during dehydration: magnesium and potassium.

3. Potatoes

Potassium really helps to relieve a headache. And it very much in the potatoes. Moreover, boiled or baked in their skins.

One medium baked potato potassium is almost three times more than banana. Moreover, banana peel contains tyramine, which, on the contrary, provoke spasms, so thoroughly clean the pulp of a banana from the white veins. Especially a lot of tyramine in the skin perespevshey, blackened bananas.

4. Pumpkin seeds

And these delicious “children” pumpkins contain magnesium. Lately it is often included in painkilling drugs. And pumpkin seeds is one of the best sources of zinc, and phosphorus. Together these minerals normalize the activity of the brain and visual apparatus.

5. Almonds

Magnesium it’s a little smaller than the pumpkin seeds, but still quite a lot. In addition, this overseas nut contains vitamin B2. It is recommended to use for migraines.

6. Fatty fish

Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties, help to reduce the frequency and strength of attacks of chronic headaches. In addition, fatty fish is a wonderful source of vitamin D. There is a theory that chronic headaches causes deficiency of calciferol or calcium. Special emphasis this theory makes the “hungry” pain, those that occur if the interval between meals too long. And calcium, which also reduces headache, it is better absorbed with vitamin D.

7. Sesame

One of the best sources of calcium. If you feel that a headache, before lunch still Oh as not soon, chew a bit of these seeds.

8. Ginger

Ginger can relieve headache because of its anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties. It also helps to stop a migraine attack when you feel the coming headache, try to drink a Cup of ginger tea.

9. Chili pepper or Cayenne pepper

The alkaloid capsaicin containing hot pepper, effectively affects the signal transmission to the brain from nerve endings. And helps to reduce the intensity of pain. In addition, capsaicin increases the production of specific substances that block pain. And even pepper can reduce high blood pressure.

10. Caffeine

If you drink coffee or black tea in moderation (not more than a couple of small cups a day), caffeine can actually help headaches, especially if the pain associated with pressure fluctuations. No wonder many painkillers contain some caffeine. It helps the body to metabolize these drugs faster.

But again — only if moderate use. The more you drink coffee per day, the higher his chance to turn from drugs provocateur.

By the WAY

The most common “food” headache occurs because foods containing tyramine. The organic matter resulting from the degradation of protein due to the ageing of the product. That is, the longer kept any protein foods (primarily this applies to cheese), the higher its content of tyramine. He is able to raise blood pressure and even cause vasospasm. The products, characterized by high content of tyramine in addition to cheese, also include smoked meat, red wine, canned goods, onions, avocado, homemade (pickles), chocolate.

In addition, to trigger a headache can excessive consumption of foods containing omega-6 fatty acids, which in large quantities contained in vegetable oils. Surprised? After all, it would seem, useful stuff! But these acids are increasingly seen as the cause of inflammation in our bodies. Intense food consumption with omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and arachidonic acids) leads to the fact that they accumulate in the cells of the nervous and immune systems, alter their metabolism and cause increased headaches. That is why nutritionists constantly reminded — Yes, oil is important, but it is best if you will use no more than one tablespoon in vegetable salads.

Therefore, if you notice that your head starts to hurt after a particular food, think about it, but it was not in your meal with a cunning provocateur?