These products can trigger depression

It turns out that all your favorite foods causing the bad mood and mental disorders.

Эти продукты могут спровоцировать затяжную депрессию

You don’t even know what they do to the human psyche certain products. Scientists have conducted many studies that attempted to find a relationship between food and mood of people. They came to the conclusion that the five food groups have a negative impact on the psyche. Moreover, they often eat just when you want to cope with stress or sadness, but in the end only exacerbate the situation and overcomes depression.

So, consider these products more details:

1. Alcoholic beverages. It’s no secret that the vast majority of people, particularly men, looking for salvation at the bottom of the bottle. Here there is not much difference between what kind of alcohol people choose, because even low-alcohol beer can be a serious health risk in General and, of course, psyche. It’s “deception” of the body. When the drink, having in its composition the ethanol enters the blood, the work of the Central nervous system slows down and comes a feeling of euphoria, releasing stress, bad thoughts and so on. But once the toxins of alcohol out of the body — the person feels an even greater oppression.

2. Energy. Some people believe that using energy drinks, you can have the power to become supervisorial man. So it is true, but alcohol in addition to the same action of power, in the body receives too much sugar and caffeine. Hence, a bad mood, and uncontrolled aggression, and indifference, and a bunch of other not very pleasant emotions.

3. Sweets. Again, temporary euphoria soon changed to depression. First, sweets is the sugar that our brain always react the same way, that is 2 minutes of pleasure and then sadness. Second, sweets are always high in calories, therefore can receive extra pounds. Doesn’t this put you in a depression? Thirdly, a lot of sugar and cholesterol is the risk of developing diabetes or atherosclerosis, which by itself will not make you smile.

4. Sweet soda. The trouble here is composed sweet carbonated drinks, namely substance called “aspartame”. It is a sweetener and the liquidator of the hormone serotonin, which is also called the hormone of happiness.

5. Food from fast food. As we know, the most harmful meals those sold in fast-food outlets. In stressful situations, people are mostly drawn to “bad” food, so they go to fast food. In the composition of these products too much sugar, salt, fats and taste enhancers, due to which the digestive tract is overloaded and there is a feeling of depression — that is depression.