These products contain a lot of caffeine

We used to think that the caffeine found in coffee. But this substance is present in many other beverages and foods.

В этих продуктах содержится много кофеина

Caffeine can have both positive and negative effects on the body. Of positive worth noting is the fact that this substance invigorates, gives energy, promotes physical and brain activity. But if you overdo it with caffeine, it can manifest problems with the cardiovascular system, irritability and fatigue.

To avoid such health problems and always feel good is to know what foods contain caffeine to control its quantity in our body.

1. In addition to coffee, caffeine is also in tea. And green tea of this substance much more than in black. In addition, more caffeine in tea old leaves than in young ones.

2. In black and milk chocolate about 30 mg of caffeine per 100 g Due to the presence of this substance in the product after eaten a piece, we feel the energy and surge of strength.

3. Yerba mate is a plant whose leaves are used for making tea. It also contains caffeine. Very popular mate tea in South and Central America, where this plant grows. The drink has a sweet taste with a bitter aftertaste, and it is very useful for the digestive system.

4. Guarana is another caffeine plant that looks like a vine, and fruits are reminiscent of hazelnuts, which is located inside black seeds, which contains caffeine. Very often the seeds of guarana are used as a medicinal remedy for headache, fever, and as a natural aphrodisiac.

5. Caffeine can be found in beer. Some varieties of this drink made on the basis of seeds of guarana or with the addition of ginseng extract, which contains caffeine.

6. Large amounts of caffeine in all energy drinks. That is why they are not recommended to use for children. One Cup can contain up to 40 mg of caffeine, but in addition with huge amount of sugar, these drinks are just terrible for the digestive system.

7. A favorite drink of many adults and children cocoa is also included in the list of products with a high content of caffeine. With it, the higher the percentage of fat content of cocoa powder, the more caffeine it has.