These symptoms of breast cancer that are often ignored by women

Many women only know about this symptom of breast cancer like lump in the breast, while other symptoms they are often overlooked. On this issue drew the attention of scientists from University College London (UK).

Названы симптомы рака груди, которые часто пропускаются женщинами

British experts have concluded that symptoms of breast cancer can be such things as back pain, swollen hands, shortness of breath, weight loss. These symptoms accompany the appearance of the tumor in the breast of one of the six cases of women.

Unfortunately, these symptoms, as the researchers note, women are often overlooked. When women seek treatment later than when found in their mammary glands seal, according to web magazine “Chronicle. info”.

Scientists have studied the data of 2,300 women who were diagnosed with breast cancer. 76% of them sought medical examination revealed cancer, after found in a chest seal. 17% of women, first of all to be diagnosed with cancer, faced with the symptoms mentioned above: they observed changes in the shape of the breast or nipple, swelling of the hands, back pain, shortness of breath, weight loss.

The analysis showed that in the case of “atypical” symptoms of women come on reception to the doctor after an average of 12 days, which is almost two times longer than in cases where the patient had chest seal. Almost one in seven women whose symptoms did not include breast lump appeared at the doctor just 3 months after they occur.

Experts urge to be more attentive to your body and not be ashamed to consult a doctor with any symptom, which was not in the past.