These vegetables will help to lower blood pressure without medication

What to eat for hypertension.

High blood pressure is closely associated with unhealthy lifestyles. Experts know that some vegetables are among their most valuable properties for health and reduce performance pressure.

Эти овощи помогут снизить давление без лекарств

Most of the victims of hypertension are not even aware of the presence of hypertension as the disorder develops without any symptoms. And if you do not use a blood pressure cuff, then through the years you can face such life-threatening complications like strokes and heart attacks. Fortunately, a balanced diet provides powerful protection against pressure surges.

It is well established that vegetables are a critical component of the very balanced diet. There are certain varieties, which is the ability to lower blood pressure proven in clinical studies. In the first five of these vegetables include potatoes, sweet potatoes, asparagus, spinach, and cabbage. All these vegetables are very rich in potassium, and it reduces blood pressure by countering the negative effects of salt.

Technically our kidneys can control blood pressure by reducing the amount of liquid that accumulates in the body. It is known that the more liquid the higher the pressure. Buds compete with this filtering the blood and collecting the excess fluid which is then in the form of urine stored in your bladder. This process represents the influence of sodium and potassium balance, through which the water passes through the cell walls from the bloodstream in a special collecting channel that leads into the bladder. Salt increases the amount of sodium in the bloodstream that destroys this balance. And vegetables not only restore it but make it more healthy at the expense of potassium.