Thick moustache: David harbour made fun of his new status as a sex symbol

David harbour once again proved that the sexiest part of a man is his sense of humor.

Толстый с усами: Дэвид Харбор высмеял свой новый статус секс-символа

The star of a new “Hellboy” and the series “Very strange things” I laugh at his new title, which he was awarded the People magazine — the sexiest man alive today.

I recognized the sexiest man in the period when I wore a mustache and had a 100-inch waist. Thank you, America,

said Harbor for the show of Stephen Colbert. The actor said that it is the proud title he received because of his role as Sheriff Jim hopper from “a Very strange business.”

You’re sexy just for a quarter page,

— joked the presenter, referring to the location of the picture of David harbour in a magazine.

Here is a photo of Idris Elba took the whole page so that it is 75% hotter than you

continued Colbert.

But this fact does not bother the actor.

It is,

he said with a smile.

Harbor admitted why so very stout in the third season of the popular sci-Fi show. The fact that he was actively built muscle for the role of Hellboy in the eponymous restart, and then it came “the hangover,” as the actor himself.

It turns out that if you train hard, and then throw this thing and start eating donuts, your body very quickly becomes huge,

— ironically said David.