Things that surprise the Americans in the normal Russian apartment

The author of the blog “Kate from the USA” shared by those broadcast, which surprised the Americans in a normal Russian apartment.

Вещи, которые удивляют американцев в обычной русской квартире

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For an American, whatever it is, whatever show and where it is not take — all new, all unusual, all strange. In principle, as for each of us when we arrive in a new country.

Tell about 3 things that the American was surprised most of all in Russian apartments.

Because when I’m the Americans, I often go out with them for guests, it’s understandable. And the more that a friends relatives same often to his guests. But I like to go out of town.

1. Curtains

My friend often asked me:

Why and why our Windows hanging so many rags? For services, check the link and get the best windows replacement. Long explained to him that this is the tulle that is used by day. He, at first, protects from the sun’s rays (in the summer), and secondly in the street can not see what is happening in the apartment. And it is the curtains which first meant to hide personal life from prying eyes. Because when the lights are out on the streets well see what happens in the apartment, especially on the first floor.

And so every day You open in the morning and in the evening close? Not simpler to use the blinds?

Yes. People are accustomed to, it is almost innate habit: open and close curtains. And blinds used very rarely. They are associated with the office. Namely, curtains/tulle create comfort in the apartment.

2. Toasters

— In Russia people do not eat and do not like toasters with jam?!

It was such a surprise to my friend that little stutter did not:

What makes you think that?

— I’m no where in the kitchen is not seen a toaster! It’s very strange. As the Breakfast no toaster — I can’t imagine! I’m not talking about what small kitchens in apartments. As there could fit a family of three or four people! It is not convenient.

Kitchens are the most common, it is an apartment, not a private home. And about the toasters — indeed, not every Russian family prefers to eat dried bread with jam. In Russia, the breakfasts are a little different and a little different not only from the us.

3. Doors and locks with keys

I’m not lying now, because Americans do not understand: why are so many doors and at each of the two locks? Yes. And a whole kilo of keys you need to carry in your pocket! He did not understand why the Russians closed “seven castles”.

Because in America there is only one input floor glazed door that closed or one key, or collapse. And that’s all! After all, to preserve peace and sense of security on the streets travel police patrols. Had to explain to him why Russia is so “with seven locks”.

I want to tell you that American surprise many things (but to a lesser extent) that the Russian seem to be the most common and familiar:

  • wide window sills (in America they are often missing);
  • vacuum cleaner, in America they look very different;
  • the absence of paroissiales in the apartments (safety first);
  • no separation of garbage wastes (care about the environment, ecology in the first place);
  • washing machine in each apartment (can afford only the rich people);
  • very small fridge (double the time).

Such things seem strange to an American in Russian apartments.



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