Thinner Selena Gomez came out in a leather mini-skirt

Selena Gomez presented her series.

Похудевшая Селена Гомес вышла в свет в кожаной мини-юбке

Difficult period in the life of Selena Gomez, who she has known for several years, could not affect the star. The girl almost disappeared out of sight of the fans. However, in recent time, Selena began increasingly to delight fans of not only the new photos in Instagram, but for the public appearances.

Recently, Gomez has unveiled its new producer project, which will soon be released on the platform, Netflix. Living Undocumented is a documentary series about families living in the United States under threat of deportation.

“I decided to do this show, as in recent years, the word “immigrant” has acquired a negative connotation. I hope this series will shed light on a little-known side of the life of migrants through the stories of courageous people who decided to share their stories,” says star.

To appear on premiere of Selena Gomez chose a leather suit with short skirt with large decorative pins.