This affordable tool will help to improve sleep

In the modern world to live without haste and constant stress is simply impossible.

Unfortunately, strong emotions and emotional stress, excessive mental stress do not go unnoticed. Most often they lead to fatigue and sleep deprivation.

Это доступное средство поможет улучшить сон

In addition, insomnia may indicate the presence of a number of diseases: neuroses, certain cardiovascular and psychiatric diseases, neuroinfections, as well as to the brain damage.

Insomnia is accompanied by disturbance of the rhythm of awakening and falling asleep, sleep becomes short, superficial and does not give rest. Usually a person who suffers from insomnia, easily recognizable by their appearance: swelling under the eyes, red eyes, dry lips, lethargy, depression.

Insomnia treatment must always begin with determine the cause. Depending on this, the doctor selects a suitable methodology.

Traditional treatment to combat insomnia is not always effective. Chemicals usually only eliminate the symptoms but often have side effects. In addition, the constant use of drugs can suppress the Central nervous system, cause lethargy, and dependence on a certain drug, which creates an additional threat to human health.

Onion therapy has a calming effect, normalizes the nervous system. Moreover, preparations of onion stimulate the body’s defenses and prevents diseases which lead to sleep disturbance.

Recipe of onion from insomnia

You will need:

— 1 onions,
— 1 tbsp. l. dry powdered roots of sage,
— 1 tsp. honey
— 200 ml of milk.

Onion crushed and mixed with sage. Collection pour boiled milk and infuse for 10-15 minutes. Then add honey and take 30 minutes before bedtime. The course of treatment — 2 weeks.