This company pays for what you play video games (PHOTO)

Эта компания платит за то, что вы играете в видеоигры  (ФОТО)

We have many times said that video games can be “addictive”. Many students blamed for what they spend their time playing consoles, and it is widely believed that excessive use can lead to lack of sleep or even separation from the world. However, what would you say if you pay for what you play video games?

And that’s exactly what Ubisoft wants to do in Toronto.

The author of the extremely popular games such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry and Tom Clancy, looking for people to participate in the “playtester” some of the new games that it develops.

Anyone selected for testing will be to play these games from several hours to several days in the company’s office in Toronto.

In the FAQ section (FAQ) of the company, you can find out what the reward will depend on the time spent on testing. These incentives can be a gift card, games and, including the money. Regardless of how you will pay for it, play video games for money is a pretty attractive idea!

Probably the best thing about it is you don’t even need to be an avid gamer! On the web site ( the company said that they are ready to work with advanced gamers and those who did not take the controller since the first Nintendo.

Any person older than 16 years can take part in the test, those who are younger, you will need the consent of parents .

After registration on the website of the company with potential participants will be periodically contacted to clarify some of the details. Ubisoft representatives will ask you to provide additional information about themselves and their gambling habits.

After the selection of players Ubisoft will give you the details on the procedure pleytesta, including what to bring and where to come.

And although you’ll play the most interesting games, which isn’t even out yet, you can’t tell your friends or social networks. Participants plateshow must sign a confidentiality agreement and agree to record video or audio for research purposes.

Yes, and another thing… there are some players who treat video games too seriously, but keep in mind that you should keep the bounds of decency and treat the staff and fellow gamers with respect.

So, if you are an expert on video games, or you are just interested and you want to get rewarded and earn extra money, this is your chance!