This diet can eliminate type 2 diabetes

Diet soup and shakes can reverse diabetes for at least two years. Such conclusions were made by the group of scientists after the test results, which give hope to millions of overweight people.

Этот рацион питания может устранить диабет 2 типа

Those who kept the pounds after massive weight loss at 800-calorie regime, with a greater likelihood of continued remission, suggesting that type 2 diabetes should no longer be considered constant. A group of scientists NHS going to test this method of treatment, saying that it “can change a life” diabetics, writes The Times.

Research suggests that rapid weight loss reduces the fat level in the pancreas, allowing it to regain the ability to produce insulin. People with type 2 diabetes do not produce enough insulin or become resistant to it, which leads to the fact that the sugar level is constantly increasing.

Previously, experts from the UK conducted an experiment with the participation of 298 people with diabetes. The people who began to follow a low calorie diet, which alternated with power of substitution (from three to five months), even after several years were in remission, and they did not need medication.

According to Professor Roy Taylor of Newcastle University, and thus, certain diet of soups and shakes can be a progress in the area of reducing sugar and elimination of diabetes 2 stage.

Earlier the journal The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology has published data showing that people who adhere to such diet, have lost up to 10 (65%) and 15 (70 percent) of excess weight.