This dried fruit is very useful for heart health

Raisins are quite healthy and useful product. He is not getting any additional ingredients or preservatives in processing. However, it still contains a lot of sugar. So useful if the raisins? Here’s what they say nutritionists.

Этот сухофрукт очень полезен для здоровья сердца

Traditional raisins dried in the sun and does not contain any additional preservatives or stabilizers. However, Golden raisins are dried in the dehydrator, and it contain sulphur dioxide as a preservative, making it Golden in color.

Both types of raisins can be made from the same grape varieties and both are good for health. Raisins are foods rich in nutrients. Imagine all the useful properties of a handful of grapes are concentrated in one tiny berry.

Raisins is a good source of phytonutrients — natural plant compounds that contain antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Raisins also have some iron and small amounts of other vitamins and minerals, including about 300 mg of potassium per standard quarter Cup serving.

Raisins also contain magnesium, which is useful for heart health and for healthy nerve and muscle function, and about two grams of fiber per serving.

But it is worth remembering that raisins are high in calories. One of a handful of can be 24 grams of sugar — as much as a candy bar or a pack of jelly sweets. However, unlike candies, raisins contain a lot of vitamins and is a source of energy.

Nutritionists say that a single serving of 30 grams is a great dose of vitamins and nutrition for a light snack.