This drink prevents prostate cancer

Coffee slows the growth of cancer cells. The drink is especially effective against prostate cancer.

Этот напиток предотвращает рак простаты

Japanese scientists from the University of Kanazawa found in coffee beans are two substances that slow or stop the growth of different types of prostate cancer.

The study found that coffee lovers are about 11% less likely to suffer from prostate cancer than other men.

Biologists have selected the six most active compounds from the extract of coffee and traced how different combinations of these molecules will inhibit the growth of different types of carcinoma.

It turned out that two substances in coffee – cafestol and kahweol – have powerful anticancer properties. A combination of twice slowed the growth of the “invulnerable” types of prostate cancer, and less resistant types of cancer cells were destroyed in the first hours after the beginning of observations.