This drink will strengthen the immune system better than the medicine

Properly infused with rosehip tea is more effective Immunostimulants.

With proper preparation a decoction of rose hips strengthens the immune system and prevent colds, but also gives us strength during the difficult days.

Этот напиток укрепит иммунитет лучше лекарств

Rosehips – a good product, a record for the amount of vitamin C, a valuable anti-cough properties and minerals to strengthen the immune system. But, alas, all its useful properties are often reduced to nothing due to the fact that it is brewed incorrectly.

A decoction of rose hips in no case can not be boiled, as most vitamins, especially vitamin C is responsible for strengthening the immune system, quickly destroyed. With the right preparation warm tea will replace the vitamins, Immunostimulants and lemons during a cold.

“Briar, it is important to brewing, not to destroy all useful vitamins and minerals that it contains. Before preparing the tea, chop the berries with seeds. Three tablespoons of berries pour boiled water in a thermos and leave overnight. By morning vitamin the broth will be ready. And if you add in the broth (not hot!) a few tablespoons of honey, you will get a loading dose of vitamins, which the camp of a powerful shield against infection. This tea can be drunk every day during the season of colds, the side effects he has, of course, if you will not use it in liters” — said the doctor.

It is very important to drink has rested at least 12 hours, otherwise most of the vitamins won’t have enough time to get in the water.

Re-heat the beverage is not recommended to make it warm, you can just add to a ready-made drink only a little boiling water.