This factor may help to cure type II diabetes

A new study has shown that victims of type II diabetes can recover. And they don’t even need any major changes in lifestyle.

Это фактор может помочь вылечиться от диабета второго типа

If the diabetic in the first 5 years after diagnosis will lose more than 10% of body weight, then it is a great possibility of transferring their disease in remission, that is actually recovery. In other words, such patient no longer required any medication, and the main characteristics of health it will not differ from people without diabetes. If he had previously received insulin, in this case, the drug is also not required. New research suggests that you can restore health from sickness, gradually addictive humanity, but without some major changes in lifestyle or limitations in calories.

Science and previously it was known that type II diabetes can be put into remission, but it requires very tough measures like intensive weight loss programs and dietary restrictions. For many patients these measures are not feasible, and now research has shown that such sacrifices are completely optional. Lose 10% of body weight within 5 years is a realistic goal that can be achieved through a more balanced diet and to increase physical activity. Well, the translation of type II diabetes in remission and greatly increases the quality of human life.

Magicforum resembles that of type II diabetes suffers over 450 million people on our planet. This metabolic disorder increases the risk of heart disease, strokes, blindness and amputations. The disease can be controlled through changes in lifestyle and medicines, also it is possible to get elevated blood sugar level to normal by restricting calories and losing weight. This is achieved on an extremely low calorie diet of 700 calories a day for 8 weeks almost 90% of patients with newly diagnosed diabetes.