This fruit is more efficient “energy source” than coffee

Foreign nutritionists have decided to determine the effectiveness of different products, often used as a morning energy. And found that coffee, which is traditionally used in order to Wake up in the morning, to cope with this task worse than, say, Apple.

Этот фрукт является более эффективным «энергетиком», чем кофе

“So many people start every day with a Cup of coffee and think this drink best morning Energizer. But it’s not. In the world there are products that help to Wake up and gear up for a productive day is far better than coffee. And this is not some exotic dishes as, for example, a simple Apple”, say experts in the field of healthy nutrition.

In the composition of the Apple contains vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fiber, fructose, and whole community of beneficial microorganisms. All these components improve the energy balance of the body when you eat an Apple in the morning. Another advantage of Apple is chewing it, you are actively working the chewing muscles, which is quite useful for toning the body in the morning.

Unlike coffee, Apple is not harmful to drink on an empty stomach. Plus, even eating half a bucket of apples a day, you are unlikely to be exposed to some negative effects. But coffee should not be consumed in too high doses, as it is fraught with problems, for example, with the gastrointestinal tract. In General, choosing an Apple as a morning energy, you get a solid advantage.