This fruit will help to reduce the cholesterol levels

Contrary to popular belief, not one Apple a day decreases “bad” cholesterol. To achieve this effect we need daily use of avocado.

Этот фрукт поможет снизить показатели холестерина

In the West there is a popular saying that an Apple a day keeps the doctors away. Have in mind that consuming apples people less likely to meet with doctors, as they have a better health. It is primarily concerned with indicators of the level of cholesterol. Recall that the “bad” cholesterol called low-density lipoproteins. If their level is elevated, it leads to the formation of plaques in the arteries and blood vessels obstructing the blood flow to different organs of our body. Violation of blood flow to the heart can trigger a heart attack and other dangerous complications. And now, scientists have been able to find a product that provides great protection from the negative effects.

Found that eating one avocado a day resulting in the steady decline of the so-called “bad” cholesterol, including adults who are overweight or obese, which the level of this cholesterol is traditionally elevated. Researchers have shown that the inclusion of just one avocado to your daily diet allows you to greatly reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular complications. Moreover, this fruit can be consumed in its whole form or as a Supplement in various dishes and salads or a filling for toast.

Scientists are especially pleased that avocado helps reduce the amount of oxidized particles of “bad” cholesterol. Just as oxygen can spoil the food, for example, making an Apple brown, this is oxidation harmful to the entire body. Many studies show that oxidation is the basis of a variety of disorders like cancer and cardiovascular diseases.