This inexpensive vegetable to cope with migraines without pills

Five simple recipes with cabbage.

Frequent headaches, and in our fast paced world suffer from them almost every, can be a sign of a serious disease.

Этот недорогой овощ справиться с мигренью без таблеток

What are their causes? The reasons for headache may be violations of the intracranial circulation (eg, migraine), high blood pressure, anemia, and accumulation in blood of products of metabolism.

Recognition and elucidation of the causes of headaches is of great importance for the correct choice of means of treatment and should be performed by your doctor. If you are healthy and headache is episodic, you can try to remove it yourself using a proven folk remedies.

Recipe 1

Slightly repulsed cabbage leaves applied to the temples, neck and forehead to tie a head scarf. In an hour used, the leaves should be replaced with fresh.

Recipe 2

To bandage to a forehead and temples fresh cabbage sheet, preliminary crumpling him to let the juice. This juice lubricate your wrist and deepening behind the ears.

Recipe 3

Put the ears and whiskey sauerkraut in a rag and tie your head with a towel.

Recipe 4

Drink 1/2 Cup of cabbage juice, lie on your back and the most painful part of the head to make cabbage leaf.

Recipe 5

Spread the most painful part of the head with butter and put a fresh cabbage leaf. Someone can help very quickly, within 5 minutes, while others will have to wait a little longer.