‘This is a historic breakthrough’: trump presented a plan to resolve the middle East conflict

28 Jan US President Donald trump presented a middle East peace plan developed by his administration to resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Day the White house held a joint conference of the President of trump and the head of the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu, says the “Voice of America”.

'Это исторический прорыв': Трамп представил план по урегулированию ближневосточного конфликта

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According to trump, the plan of 80 pages suggests that the capital of Israel must be indivisible Jerusalem. The US President has promised that the capital of a future Palestinian state should be East Jerusalem.

“My vision involves benefits for both sides, a realistic solution based on the two-state solution, which removes the risk from the Palestinian state for Israeli security — quotes trump of the air force. — Israel today took a giant step towards peace. Yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu has informed me that he wants to maintain this vision as a basis for direct negotiations with the Palestinians. This is a historic breakthrough”.

Other details of the plan:

  • The Palestinians must renounce violence and to cease financial support to families of people who committed attacks on Israelis.
  • Trump promises $ 50 billion of investment in the new Palestinian state. According to the President of the United States, it will help to create 1 million new jobs.

Plan to resolve the middle East conflict has developed-in-law and adviser to trump Jared Kushner.

Trump stressed his admiration for the achievements of the state of Israel and the desire to prevent the recurrence of tragic pages in the history of the Jewish people.

The President emphasized the plight of the Palestinians, however, their great potential.

“Everyone in Israel wants peace,” said trump.

Speaking about the fate of the Palestinians, trump stressed that we are talking about decades of unfulfilled promises. He also stressed the importance of fighting poverty as an aspect of the Palestinian problem.

The US President pointed to the need to stop a terrorist organization and to overcome the hatred of Israel.

Trump highlighted the plight of middle Eastern youth, according to him, entering into a life without hope. He stressed the need to begin addressing this problem.

'Это исторический прорыв': Трамп представил план по урегулированию ближневосточного конфликта

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Speaking of the fight against extremism, the President recalled the recent American military operations on elimination of the leader of ISIS, as well as Iranian General Soleimani.

Trump said that the time has come to correct the mistake that the Arab countries did in 1948, attacking Israel instead of accepting it.

In his speech, Netanyahu expressed appreciation to President Trump, his administration and the team for the implementation of the peace plan.

The Israeli government expressed support for U.S. actions in the middle East, including measures to deter Iran and, in particular, the operation against Soleimani. Netanyahu said that the Palestinian refugee problem must be solved outside Israel.

The Prime Minister of Israel supported the measures of financial support to the Palestinians, which is one of the aspects of the peace plan. Netanyahu, and his political rival benny Gantz welcomed the initiative of the trump.

The Palestinian side has previously rejected published 28 Jan initiative. Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Stie stated that trump’s plan is nothing more than a way “to end the Palestinian question.” The Palestinian side refuses to engage in dialogue with the administration trump, accusing him of bias.

From Washington Netanyahu will fly to Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin, during which they will discuss peace plan for trump and the development of relations between Israel and Russia, said Bi-bi-si the representative office of the Israeli Prime Minister.

'Это исторический прорыв': Трамп представил план по урегулированию ближневосточного конфликта

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Closest to the resolution of the conflict, Palestinians and Israelis came almost 30 years ago, in 1993, secret negotiations in Oslo with the participation of Shimon Peres, who was then Minister of foreign Affairs of Israel, and Mahmoud Abbas, the then head of government of the Palestinian authority.

The first agreement was signed in August 1993, and in early September, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the leader of the Palestine liberation Organization (PLO) Yasser Arafat exchanged friendly letters on mutual recognition.

At the same time Israel first recognized the PLO as the legitimate representative of the Palestinians in the negotiations.

In mid-September 1993 on the White house lawn was made a historical photo of the handshake between Rabin and Arafat in the presence of US President bill Clinton.

Soon, however, Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated in tel Aviv by the representative of the ultra-right wing Israeli who opposed dialogue with the Palestinian side.

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