This is dangerous to refuse the bra?

The rejection of the bra has become a real trend in many European and American cities. However, is it safe? This question was answered by Dr. Andrew Tyazhelnikov.

Кому опасно отказываться от бюстгальтера?

According to the specialist, going Topless can afford only the owner of a small chest. Women with outstanding charms is just contraindicated.

“Large and heavy Breasts such practices threatens to sagging and stretching of the ligaments. This, in turn, can lead to problems with blood circulation and stagnation in the tissues and blood vessels,” said the doctor.

In addition, the use of a bra is recommended during the sport, and filled the transport. The skin on the breast is very sensitive and delicate so due to any negligence it can easily receive scratches and bruises, the doctor added.