This is how Marta Kaczyńska lives. The interiors are eye-catching

How does Marta Kaczyńska live?

This is how Marta Kaczyńska lives. The interiors are eye-catching

As the” Wirtualna Polska “portal reminds us, Marta Kaczyńska tries to protect her privacy as much as possible. Although she is present in social media, she does not report every moment of her life there, focusing mainly on publishing photos of interesting places and landscapes she has taken. Some of these photos show what her apartment looks like.

This is how Marta Kaczyńska lives

Marta Kaczyńska is the owner of three apartments. One is in Gdynia, the other in Warsaw, and the third in Sopot. She inherited the latter from her parents – Maria and Lech Kaczyński. Marta Kaczyńska never invited journalists to her home, although she sometimes uploads a photo taken in her own four accounts on the web.

Marta Kaczyńska focuses on classics and elegance. In the rooms arranged by her, we can find wooden furniture in dark tones. They are dominated by those with a mahogany shade, rather traditional. In the living room, we can see a massive table made of wood, as well as chairs whose legs attract the eye with decorations.

Kaczyńska's apartment is full of interesting additions. On the chest of drawers with the display case, you can see the eye-catching bust of a woman. There are quite a few books on the site itself.

The rooms are full of bottles with fresh flowers that will bring color to the rooms. Flowers are not the only colorful accents that can be found in the interiors of Kaczyńska apartments. This is evidenced by, for example, yellow pillowcases on pillows placed on the couch, or pictures hanging on the walls.

The sofas and armchairs are kept in neutral shades of gray, which are perfectly harmonized with; they harmonize with other elements of the decor.

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