This is not the end of the difficult moments of the royal family. Charles III and his wife fear the publication of Prince Harry. Will it be a disgrace to the king

The premiere of Prince Harry's book is fast approaching. This is bad news for the royal family.

 This is not the end of the difficult moments of the royal family. Charles III and his wife are afraid of the publication of Prince Harry & rsquo; ego. Will it be a disgrace king

Everything seems to indicate that this is not the end of difficult times for King Charles III and his family. Their peace is being violated again by Prince Harry, who is about to publish his diary.

This means that his relationship with his father and brother will not improve in the near future, but will worsen even more.

Portal & ldquo; Pomponik & rdquo; reports that Prince Harry will reveal in his book many inconvenient for Charles and Camilla fact.

& ldquo; They are convinced it's over. They won't get back the good press after this release. Harry has a lot of anger over his parents' divorce, and Charles firmly believes he's going to take it all out on Camilla. The queen and the queen are in a state of panic and are preparing for what to do if Harry causes an explosion & rdquo; & ndash; sources close to the royal family are reporting.

The king's wife fears that she will again find herself under fire from critical comments, as it was in the 1990s. At that time, she had to hide in her property from the media, and this time it could be very similar to disrupting her duties.

The publication may also hit other members of the royal family, especially since in recent years Harry and his wife Meghan have not concealed their regret, blaming them for their mental problems.

The premiere is scheduled for January 2023. Will you read?

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