‘This is the tip of the iceberg’: a year after a fire Camp Fire from its effects died 50 people

Experts say that at least 50 deaths not included in official statistics of the victims, can be assigned to a fire Camp Fire that occurred in Northern California in 2018, which remains the most deadly forest fire in state history, even after a year, says Fox News.

'Это верхушка айсберга': за год после пожара Camp Fire от его последствий умерло 50 человек

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Officially the fire in the center of Butte, which is North of Sacramento, killing 86 people.

In accordance with the addresses indicated in cases of violent death, filed court proceedings against Pacific Gas & Electric Co, 50 elderly and sick people lived in houses for the aged and in institutions for the care of patients near the epicenter of the fire. The equipment company was recognized as the source that started the fire.

“Those who have forgotten, says Tammy strong, nurse 24-year-old man with muscular dystrophy who died soon after the so-called stress of the evacuation from the fire. — I pray for the families who are still struggling. My year was like a roller coaster”.

The medical expert and the lawyer evaluates the evidence in each claim of the violent death that confirmed that people would not have died if there was not a fire.

Joe Earley, the lawyer representing several lawsuits against PG & E and the survivors of the fire, called this list “the tip of the iceberg”.

He said he believes that older people with health problems who died shortly after the fire, “are just as much victims as everyone else.”

The lawsuit also pointed out the husband and wife from Paradise, California — the city destroyed by fire — who died within a few months of each other, the victim, who had a stroke after she left her medication, running away from the fire, and 95-year-old woman, which was moved after surgery from the hospital to the medical center Paradise, where she soon died due to infection with norovirus.

The publication reports that after more than a year after the fire, victims are still dying from complications, including smoke inhalation and emotional stress.



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