This popular product protects from lung cancer

Eating one yogurt a day can reduce the risk of developing lung cancer by 20%. This is due to the increase in the number of healthy bacteria and increase immunity, prevent tumors.

Этот популярный продукт защищает от рака легких

Eating one serving of yogurt a day can reduce the risk of lung cancer, as shown by the study, researchers from Vanderbilt University. They found that consuming one daily serving of yogurt a day reduced the danger of lung tumors by 20%, compared to those who did not eat yogurt. Fans of the daily yogurt, which is followed and diets high in fiber could reduce the risk of lung tumors by more than 30%.

Various studies have shown that some probiotics and live bacteria in yogurt have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activity. New studies show that certain foods should be included in the human diet as a mechanism of protection against malignant tumors. In the same America where the study was conducted, there are formal advice to citizens not to drink more than three servings of dairy products a day. Americans are advised to choose low-fat products or those that have a low percentage of body fat. And all because studies have shown the ability of saturated fats increase “bad” cholesterol and risk of heart disease.

But at the disposal of scientists there is increasing evidence that significant amount of nutrients from dairy products should be part of healthy diet. These include calcium, magnesium, probiotics, potassium, vitamins K1 and K2. Daily consumption of dairy products, particularly cheese and yogurt are associated with a reduced risk of type II diabetes.