This product will help in the fight against bad cholesterol


Red rice – a good helper in the fight against bad cholesterol. This was stated by the experts.

Этот продукт поможет в борьбе с «плохим» холестерином

They noted that in the body there are two types of cholesterol – “bad” — low-density lipoproteins, the body eliminate excess LDL, and “good” high-density lipoprotein, HDL, he’s fighting with the “bad” cholesterol.

Not always “good” wins, so the person can receive the body fat that produces “bad” cholesterol. To avoid this, experts advise to eat right, give up bad habits and to eat more fruits and vegetables, and exercise.

Most importantly, according to experts, to choose the right diet. Among the products contributing to the elimination of “bad” cholesterol, experts distinguish red rice.

Or red yeast rice – a form of fermented rice. It is very popular in Indonesian cuisine.

In the experiment, which was conducted by specialists with the participation of 25 people who ate red rice, all had a decrease “bad” cholesterol by 22%.

In the second experiment, which was attended by 79. When primenenii 600 mg of red rice daily, decreased levels of “bad” cholesterol by almost half.

Scientists also said that the red rice can reduce blood pressure, sugar levels and have a beneficial effect in the metabolic syndrome and chronic inflammation.