This useful product helps to clear blood vessels of cholesterol

We all know that seafood is very healthy, but the shrimp, due to the concentration of iodine, make this product a leader among other seafood.

Этот полезный продукт поможет очистить сосуды от холестерина

As with all other seafood, shrimp is a lot of easily digestible protein. In marine crustaceans also plenty of healthy omega-3,6 acid – essential substances for the health of the heart and blood vessels. In addition, the shrimp help fight obesity, contain “good cholesterol” and may help the body to get rid of “bad” cholesterol.

In particular, delicious and healthy shrimp, regardless of size and species, contain valuable vitamins, macro and trace minerals, namely, sodium, zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, selenium, phosphorus, iodine and vitamins b, PP, E, A and D.

In shrimp discovered and various bioactive substances, for example, the antioxidant astaxanthin, which is much more powerful in its effect than vitamins A and E.


People who regularly consume shrimp, have better immunity, less susceptible to colds and respiratory diseases.

Shrimp they are perfectly satisfy hunger because of their high protein content, so losing weight they are one of the most preferred types of food.

A large amount of vitamin B12 in shrimp promotes the production of hemoglobin and energizes the nervous system.

Shrimp improve the condition of skin, nails and hair. Cells and tissues are constantly updated under the influence of powerful natural carotenoid astaxanthin, which has antioxidant properties and provides shrimp red colour.

People with cancer also shows the use of shrimp. Consisting of shrimp, there are quite strong antioxidants, and they help to reduce the probability of occurrence of various malignant tumors.

Very useful shrimp and pregnant women. First, they do not cause allergies, secondly, normalize the metabolism and saturate the female body while carrying the baby with valuable vitamins and minerals.

Shrimp stimulate a man’s strength, in other words – the potency. Seafood has selenium and zinc, which can enhance male sexual function, and it contains fatty amino acids are actively involved in education is necessary for male substance – testosterone.