This week in Toronto will be hot again (PHOTOS)

На этой неделе в Торонто снова будет жарко  (ФОТО)

In warning about the incredibly cold winter it’s hard to believe, when in Toronto is this warm weather, although technically summer ended a week ago.

But regardless of what the calendar says, wait for to remove their shorts until next summer, because in the first day of October, the temperature looks set to soar, at least the feelings, to 36C.

Whether you like it or not, but we were in for another very hot day.

According to the forecast of hydrometeorological centre of Canada on Monday will cool to 18 C, and the pouring rain with a probability of 60%.

But on Tuesday, according to weather network Weather Network, will return to heat and bring maximum at 25C, which, coupled with high humidity will be felt on all 36C.

Fortunately, the weather is expected to return to normal starting Wednesday, when the temperature highs will not exceed 20C.

The average temperature in October in Toronto varies between 15C – 8C, so it’s safe to say that autumn weather this year definitely went beyond the norm.

But if the forecast Almanac Farmer is correct, we should appreciate what we have at the moment.