This week will be tested the Canadian system of emergency warning (PHOTO)

На этой неделе будет тестироваться Канадская система чрезвычайного оповещения (ФОТО)

If the environment on your mobile will receive a message about an emergency, don’t panic.

Canadian national system of emergency alert, Alert / Ready, this week’s scheduled testing across the country. Depending on where you live, a test message will be received in the late morning or early afternoon.

A test message will be received compatible wireless devices, television and radio.

“Test alert acquaint Canadians with how it will look and sound the emergency alert in case of a life-threatening situation,”explained Martin Belanger, Director of public alert company Pelmorex, which is responsible for the technical infrastructure Ready Alert.

Testing did not always go according to plan. Only 60% of users of wireless in Manitoba received a warning during the first test in may 2018.

A similar problem arose in Canada during the second testing phase in November 2018, which recognized the “significant improvement” compared to the first, but still not perfect.

Alert system designed to quickly send messages in case of an immediate threat to public safety.

All phones sold in Canada from April 6, 2019, shall be compatible with the system of wireless public alerting.

Testing schedule of the system to provinces and territories:

Alberta: 1: 55 PM MST
BC: 1: 55 PM PST
Manitoba 1: 55 PM CST
New Brunswick: 10: 55 AM AST
Newfoundland and Labrador: 10: 55 AM NST
Northwest territories: 9: 55 AM MST
Nova Scotia: 1: 55 PM AST
Nunavut: test not scheduled
Ontario: 2: 55 PM EST
Prince Edward island: 12: 55 PM AST
Quebec: 1: 55 PM EST
SK: 1: 55 PM CST
Yukon: 1: 55 PM PST