This weekend in the Southeast U.S. extreme heat: how to protect

Forecasters warned that the South-Western part of the United States expects to excessive heat this weekend (July 11-12). It is predicted that the temperature in some areas will reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit (of 48.8 Celsius), and officials urge people to take precautions, since high temperatures can carry a mortal danger. This writes CNN.

В эти выходные на юго-востоке США ожидается экстремальная жара: как себя уберечь

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According to the forecast the National weather service in Death Valley (CA) is expected to be a maximum of 126 degrees Fahrenheit (52.2 Celcius) in Phoenix (Arizona) — 117 degrees Fahrenheit (or 47.2 Celsius), and in Las Vegas (Nevada) — 113 Fahrenheit (45 Celsius).

The national weather service uses different criteria for the definition of heat in different parts of the country. Warning of excessive heat indicates unusually high temperatures that may pose a significant risk to health.

In the South-West “we use what we call heat risk,” said Marvin peppering, a meteorologist for the National weather service. This index differs from the performance in other areas of the country where the heat index is more taken into account when issuing warnings of extreme heat.

“We look at how rare such an event, and compare with the temperature, what we usually have at this time, said peppering. — Given the predicted temperatures, we expect a rather rare event.”

The heat in Phoenix this weekend can beat previous records. The expected maximum of the Phoenix is 117 degrees Fahrenheit (or 47.2 Celsius) on Sunday, 12 July, beat the daily record on July 12, which was 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46.1 per Celsius), set in 2009. The heat in California and Nevada will be close to record levels, but will not beat them.

High temperature is a seasonal suitable for the region, but usually the hot period is not delayed for so long.

On Friday, July 10, marks the 107th anniversary of the hottest day ever recorded in the world, when the temperature in Death Valley reached 134 degrees Fahrenheit (56.6 per Celsius), said meteorologist Pedram of Djavaheri.

Excessive heat is part of a General trend of increasing temperature. High temperature is just one of many extreme weather events, exacerbated by climate change.

High temperatures can be dangerous, and people in affected areas are urged to take precautions. “Anyone with heart problems or diabetes must be particularly careful these days and try my best to spend as little time in the sun,” said peppering.

According to the Centers for disease control, illnesses, heat-related, kills more than 600 people a year. Stay safe, try not to leave the premises, maintain water balance, wear light clothes and you don’t see if you have symptoms of heat stroke.

“If you must be outside, try to limit time spent under the sun and podderjivaya itself is in good condition, said peppering. — If necessary, seek cooling centers with air conditioning.”

The Phoenix has a map of public cooling centers. Consult with local officials to find the nearest cooling center or a place to get water.