This year in Ukraine decreased grain sales and oilseed

В этом году в Украине уменьшилась реализация зерновых и масличных

For 5 months of decreased implementation of grain and oil – state statistics service

In January-may 2020 agricultural enterprises and households implemented 14,0 million tons of grain (2.7% less than in the same period of 2019). Including were sold 3,31 million tons of wheat (by 26.0% more); of 9.69 million tons of corn (13.5% less); 730,9 tonnes of barley (in 202,7% more); 30.2 thousand tonnes of rye (11.2% less).

According to the State statistics service of Ukraine.

Also during this period were sold at 4.38 million tons of oilseeds (4.5% less than in January-may 2019). Including were sold 1.05 million tons of soybeans (19.4% less); 11.5 thousand tonnes of rapeseed (53.9% less); of 3.30 million tonnes of sunflower seeds (2.0% more).

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Potatoes for five months 2020 agricultural enterprises sold 87,2 thousand tons (2.6% more than in the same period of 2019); vegetable crops – 125,1 thousand tons (23.6% more); fruit and berries – 57,6 thousand tons (41.3% less).

As reported, according to the state statistics service, in January-may 2019 agricultural enterprises sold of 14.39 million tons of grain (27.7% more than in the same period, 2018); 4.58 million tonnes of oilseeds (24.5% more).