Thorough cleaning is harmful to health

Experts urge people to stop direct perfect cleaning in the house. It turns out that this can harm your health.

Тщательная уборка вредна для здоровью

Interesting article on this subject was published in the journal Nature Microbiology. It tells about the research of experts from the University of Oklahoma (USA), who studied bacteria and fungi in residential buildings of Peru and Brazil.

The researchers found that the earlier opinion that the benefits of urbanization leads to a reduction of fungi in residential premises, is erroneous. While bacteria do so. It turned out that the more people use cleaning products, the more often you clean the house, the more colonies of harmful fungi in settled areas.

The reason is that the place that housed the bacteria becomes vacant for fungi. In addition, their colonies become more resistant to detergents, producing immunity to certain active substances, – said the biochemist Laura McCall, one of the authors of scientific work.

As explained by the scholar, cells of fungi have a more solid wall, which in bacteria, so they are harder lime with household chemicals. In addition, modern homes have less light and worse air circulation, leading to accumulation in the room of carbon dioxide. These are considered ideal conditions for growth and reproduction of fungi.

In their study, the researchers took samples from different places (floor, walls, ventilation, Windows, etc.) residential houses and apartments. In addition, they scraped the skin of people and took the hairs of Pets. Thoroughly researched in the laboratory and detergents, which are used the apartment owners.

The conclusions of the scientists were a little bit shocked. People who carefully watched over the cleanliness of their homes, found on the skin of fungi. The same found on different surfaces of their apartments. In addition, these areas showed the dominance of different chemicals that are left as a result of the cleanups. As the impact of most of these substances has not been studied, it is impossible to talk about their complete harmlessness to humans.

With regard to the housing of fungi, there is also a lot of “white” holes. However, we know that many of them to man all the same harmful. For example, the yeast Malassezia, which can be found on the skin in humans, causing serious infections.

The researchers plan to continue their research. However, now they can confidently say that people do not need in excess of thoroughly clean our houses, killing the bacteria. It will leave some micro-organisms, and will come more dangerous.