Thousands of Americans were left without salaries because of the fraud company of new York

The FBI is investigating the sudden closure of the company’s new York processing of all financial transactions, in particular the salaries are deposited. MyPayrollHR company accused of fraudulent activity, as after its unexpected closure of the disappeared $35 million this writes the New York Post.

Тысячи американцев остались без зарплаты из-за мошенничества компании из Нью-Йорка

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Due to the closure of a large number of workers of different organizations across the country were left without wages.

The FBI field office in Albany, said that “requests information from business owners who could suffer financial losses due to the proposed activities MyPayrollHR and its affiliates”.

Last week, the company MyPayrollHR suddenly left their offices in Clifton Park (NY) and sent to my 4000 clients with an automated message stating that “the company can no longer process any further transaction on the payment of wages to employees of companies”.

In the notice, the company cited “unforeseen circumstances” and advised its clients “to find alternative methods for processing of wages”.

In thousands of employees across the country, banks automatically took payments for loans and other types of accounts that resets the balance or even made it negative.

The Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo said that “the reckless actions MyPayrollHR left employees all over the state and country with a negative balance in the Bank accounts,” and promised that “I will not allow these bad people to take money from hardworking people.”

Pioneer Bancorp said Federal regulators that “recently learned of fraudulent activity… client-side of one of its partners” — Pioneer Bank. Later, the journalists of the Times Union identified the client as MyPayrollHR.

In the documents sent to the Commission United States securities and exchange Commission, says the company sure you can take the hook regarding a credit of $16 million, which are part of $36 million and $19 million and Deposit part of the money — only the potential to be the reason for the investigation.

In Pioneer Bancorp said that “they are doing everything possible to recover damages” and “have sufficient capital to cover potential losses”.


Web site MyPayrollHR does not describes the situation, and in all calls of the company meets the bot says: “sorry, nobody can answer your call. Please try again later”.