Thousands of evacuees from new Mexico to Alaska: the Western United States embraced large-scale forest fires

Thousands of people forced to evacuate due to the fact that in the Western part of the United States, from new Mexico to Alaska is burning more than three dozen forest fires, says ABC News.

Тысячи эвакуированных от Нью-Мексико до Аляски: запад США охватили масштабные лесные пожары

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The most affected areas are in Arizona, where a fire, Bighorn Fire near Tucson has grown to 31 208 acres (12 629 hectares) and is localized on 40%. Because of this, the fire had to evacuate at least 150 homes.

The fire Bush Fire raging near the Phoenix, 941 occupies 114 acres (46 514 hectares) and is localized only at 5%.

In Northern Arizona the evacuation brought the fire Fire Mangum, 845 occupying 54 acres (22 of 194 hectares) and is localized in 3%.

Evacuation conducted near Durango, Colorado, where the fire East Canyon Fire swept 2764 acres (1118 ha) and was localized at 0%.

Fire Walker Fire near Sacramento, California, has spread to 1,455 acres (589 ha) and localized by 70%.

The good news is that across the region, weakens wind. However, sometimes it is still possible gusts with a speed of 20 to 30 mph (32-48 km/h).

However, since the wind becomes weaker, and the high pressure expands in the South-West, the temperature will rise in the end of the weekend (20 and 21 June) and next week, after June 22.

Projected increases in temperature in some areas up to 110 degrees f (43.4 per C). Fire fighting will be difficult in such hot conditions.

Meanwhile in the East, stormy and rainy pattern with the possible movement of weather systems in the Central United States with strong storms in the South and heavy rains in the North.

In West Texas and Oklahoma June 19, is expected to strong thunderstorms, with the highest threat is damaging winds and strong hail.

This frontal storm system will persist in the Central U.S. during the weekend, more severe weather possible for areas from Texas to Illinois on Saturday and Sunday 20 and 21 June.

At the same time on the East coast continues to impact the storm system’s upper level, which will still bring scattered afternoon storms with local heavy rains to the area from North Carolina and South Carolina to new York.

In the Eastern part of Central Florida this weekend heavy rains and floods, the authorities have warned residents.


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