Thousands of foreign physicians can get a green card: new bill in Congress

Several us lawmakers have introduced in Congress a bill to provide green cards, or permanent legal resident of the United States to thousands of foreign doctors and nurses to meet the urgent needs of the overloaded sector of American health care, writes The Economic Times.

Тысячи иностранных врачей могут получить грин-карты: новый законопроект в Конгрессе

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The law on the sustainability of the health workforce will restore the green cards that were approved by Congress, but were not issued in recent years, which will allow tens of thousands of additional health workers to work in the United States on a permanent basis.

Under the law, during a pandemic COVID-19 green card will be sent 25 thousand nurses, and 15 thousands of doctors, and in places like Iowa, there are experts in which America needs for years to come, according to a press release.

This step is likely to benefit a large number of foreign nurses and doctors, receiving H-1B visa or J2. Visa H-1B is a nonimmigrant visa that allows us companies to employ foreign workers in occupations requiring theoretical or technical expertise.

In the House of representatives a bill was filed by the legislators Abby Finkenauer, brad Schneider, Tom Cole and don bacon. A bipartisan companion Senate bill is led by senators David Perdue, dick Durbin, Todd young and Chris Koons.

“We need all hands on deck to confront the crisis of generations, — said the Congressman Finkenauer. — We know that this virus magically disappears and experts, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, warned of a second wave this fall. Rural areas, which constitute a large part of my district, remain particularly vulnerable and are already experiencing a shortage of health workers”.

Act approved by organizations such as the American medical Association, Board of health officials, the U.S. chamber of Commerce, American Association of personnel services, the American hospital Association, American organization of leadership in the field of nursing, the bipartisan policy Center and others.

“Doctors are struggling with COVID-19, I want to hear those words, reinforcements are on the way. Getting 15 000 immigrant visas with the help of the Law on the sustainability of the health workforce will ease the burden of doctors working on the front lines, who risk their lives in understaffed hospitals,” said Patrice Harris, President of the American medical Association.

The American hospital Association (AHA) and American organization of leadership in the field of nursing (AONL) said that’s never been a more urgent need for medical assistance provided by doctors and nurses of foreign origin, than during the current pandemic COVID-19. According to them, these professionals play a crucial role in ensuring the health of the inhabitants of the United States.


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