Threatened to kill: a woman was sentenced to 2 years in prison for a brawl in the plane

A woman from Britain will spend two years in prison after threatening to kill all on Board Jet2 last summer and tried to open the emergency exit. Her actions forced to report the seizure of the aircraft and to put two fighters in escort. This writes Fox News.

Угрожала всех убить: женщину приговорили к 2 годам тюрьмы за дебош в самолете

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Chloe Haines was sentenced to two years in prison for her behavior in June 2019 flight from London Stansted airport to Dalaman, Turkey.

According to reports, 26-year-old woman, flying with her grandmother on June 22 on the Jet2 plane, started acting “aggressive, abusive and dangerous” about 45 minutes after takeoff. Distraught Haines tried to open the emergency exit of the plane, attacked the crew and was screaming that she was going to “kill everyone” on Board.

Witnesses described Haines as “obsessive” and said that many of the 206 passengers feared for their lives.

Two fighters of the Royal air force (RAF) rushed to escort the commercial aircraft to make an emergency landing in Essex, England, while the woman was isolated until the end of the flight.

Prosecutor Michael Crimp argues that Haynes admitted that he had mixed alcohol with drugs, Recalling that she “really didn’t remember what happened.”

Haynes had previously pleaded guilty to that endangered the plane and attacked the flight attendants.

At sentencing, judge Charles Gratwick highlighted the seriousness of the actions of Haines.

“Those who are trapped in a confined space of the aircraft will inevitably be upset, scared and scarred by the actions of those who are in a drunken state, endangering their lives,’ said Gratwick. For some this will be their worst nightmare.”

Haynes also was fined $106 000 dollars and denied the right to fly Jet2 for life.

The Jet2 representative shared a statement on behalf of Steve hipi, General Director and Jet2holidays.

“We welcome today’s decision and are pleased that the courts have given serious consideration to such situations. The safety of our customers and our colleagues is of paramount importance to us, and today’s sentencing is a serious warning; there are always consequences for your actions,” said hipi.

“The behavior of Haines was one of the most serious cases of ill-behavior of the passengers we encountered, and we told her not to fly with us for life, he continued. Her actions caused concern for passengers and unasa team, and as an airline for a family vacation, each year carrying millions of tourists, we just don’t allow that on our flights”.

“It is clear that excessive alcohol consumption was a contributing factor in this incident,” said hipi.


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