Threats to elected officials: “Nothing should be taken lightly”, according to the President of the Assembly

Threats to elected officials: “Nothing should be taken lightly» , according to the President of the Assembly


Vandalized constituency office, death threats against an elected official or even threats on social networks, the President of the National Assembly, François Paradis, affirmed that security is not to be taken lightly light, while recognizing that we must not cut ourselves off from the population. 

“What shakes me is to see where we are now. These repeated threats that are growing and each time a member of parliament or a member addresses the security service, I feel vulnerable, “said Mr. Paradis during an interview Thursday morning at LCN. /p>

After helping to protect Liberal MP Marwah Rizqy, the President recalled that his role is to manage security on the parliamentary precinct and constituency offices.

“We reacted quickly to ensure that the outgoing MP for Saint-Laurent could feel 'secure', since I fully understand her dismay,” he confirmed.

Regarding close guards on the ground, the responsibility lies with the Ministry of Public Security.

While he recognizes that this issue is not to be “taken lightly”, Mr. Paradis believes that it is necessary to be able to arrive to combine security and proximity to citizens.

“Several county offices now have electronic security doors, there are cameras. […] The challenge we have now is to succeed, through these technologies which are restrictive in communication, to keep this close contact [with citizens]”, he underlined.

“To the extent that we go public, we are able to realize that certain individuals are crossing the line and that we are proactive, as we did in the case of the outgoing MP of Saint-Laurent, I dare to hope that people will understand that protection exists, but that we must not put ourselves in a glass bubble,” he added.