Three cities in the United States, where our move, if you don’t want to learn English

Is it possible to move to the USA to live there for 30 years and not learn English? It is of course possible, if there will be Russian cafes, restaurants, shops, the Russian-speaking neighbors, salesmen, doctors, etc., the author writes the column “Blog about US” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Три города в США, куда переезжают наши, если не хотят учить английский язык

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Hereinafter in the first person.

Today we met new neighbors is an elderly couple, who lived 30 years in new York and decided to move to South Florida to meet an old age in a warm climate. They said that almost do not speak English, and so I came up with a topic post.

So, where will you move to our immigrants, if you don’t want to learn English?

New York. The largest and most famous district is Brighton beach. Probably all watched the movie “Brother 2”, shot him just in the area.

There, you can easily live without the English language: a huge number of Russian restaurants and shops, even they have signs in Russian. Newspapers are printed in Russian, there is even a Russian bath.

In General, if you get to Brighton beach, hard to believe that you are in USA.

San Francisco. In this city there are several neighborhoods with immigrants from the former Soviet Union. One district resembles Brighton beach, another is in Silicon Valley.

There every year more and more attracts the best minds in the field of IT-technologies. As this is a highly educated and talented people, salaries are just insane. This is considered the best place for the development of different startups, and the government strongly supports them in this.

Miami. The Russian-speaking regions of then — Sunny Isles and Aventura. There is also a huge number of institutions from all spheres of service in Russian language.

Every year it attracts more and more immigrants from the CIS countries, so the Russian-speaking community will only increase.

In addition to permanent residents, comes to rest, a huge number of Russian stars, athletes and famous people.

If you want to use the services, you can easily find Russian-speaking specialist — be it a manicurist, a realtor for renting an apartment or a physician in any direction.


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