Three compulsory and three forbidden things in stroke

After the development in humans of a stroke every second is of great importance. Very important, what things you do and how quickly.

Три обязательных и три запретных вещи при инсульте

What to do:
1. Call for an ambulance. Once a person begins to show signs of stroke, do not engage with him in any controversy and take up the phone and call an ambulance. Explain to the dispatcher that you suspect a stroke, to have a medical team knew what to prepare.

2. Note the time of onset of symptoms. There are drugs against ischemic strokes, which destroy blood clots in the arteries. They give the victims of this disorder in the brain. But it is very important that these drugs were received no later than 4.5 hours after the start of symptoms. In addition, these patients may pass through more difficult types of therapy, including endovascular treatment, i.e. surgical removal of the clot. It will be assigned within 24 hours after the onset of symptoms.

3. Artificial respiration. Most stroke patients do not need artificial respiration and chest compressions. But if your loved one lost consciousness, you hear his breathing and no palpable pulse, then immediately after the call to start emergency resuscitation. Ask your Manager to lead your actions, if possible.

What to do:
1. Don’t let him sleep. Stroke victims often complain of sudden drowsiness after the onset of symptoms. In any case do not let the patient sleep as much as he about it or asked for. Keep him awake and wait for the arrival of the ambulance.

2. Do not treat, do not feed. Yourself in any case impossible to give stroke patients any medications, food or beverages. The fact that you have no idea what kind of stroke a person had hemorrhagic, i.e., bleeding in the brain, or ischemic, that is, thrombosis. And these strokes require different treatment. The same applies to food or beverages that may aggravate the situation.

3. Do not replace an ambulance. It can be tempting yourself to take a sick person to the nearest medical facility. In any case do it! In stroke patients are taken only in a clinic, prepared to receive such patients. It is possible that a hospital that is near you, just not ready to accept your loved one, she has no money and specialists for the treatment of strokes. In addition, in a state of strong emotion you cannot control the car, which increases the risk of accidents. Finally, the ambulance staff is able to give essential medicines and first aid on the way to the hospital.