Three people were killed and nine suffered at the hands of arrow at a party in California (PHOTOS) (PHOTOS)

Три человека погибли и девять пострадали от рук стрелка на вечеринке в Калифорнии (ФОТО) (ФОТО)

Three people were killed and nine injured in a shooting near one of the houses of the Californian city of long beach, reports ABC7 News.

It is noted that the shooting occurred late Tuesday night local time. Near the house was found a variety of shells. At the scene arrived police and doctors, the specialists have provided assistance to nine patients. They soon brought the victims to the nearest hospitals. Also were found the bodies of the three victims. The channel has no information about the identity of the suspect or information about whether he’s in custody.

According to witnesses, cited by the Los Angeles Times, in the house where the incident occurred, held a party in honor of Halloween. According to some reports, the gunmen took at least 20 shots.