Three phases in the treatment of infectious prostatitis

How to cure this nasty sore and to return to the man’s health, said the doctor.

Три этапа лечения инфекционного простатита

– Chronic prostatitis is in first place among the inflammatory diseases of male genital sphere, – explains urologist Maxim Semikov. – Up to fifty years more than a quarter of men faced with this disease that in older age threatens to BPH. There is a rising incidence of infectious prostatitis, the cause of which become the causative agents of sexually transmitted diseases. This not only leads to infertility and affects the quality of sexual life, but is a constant threat of transmission to the partner from the ill man. But for complete cure men required less than one month.

Control of infection is the first task. For the destruction of pathogenic organisms assigned broad-spectrum antibiotics. They will be engaged in the destruction of pathogenic bacteria, along with useful. You can offer to restore the microflora with special preparations. You choose. But studies have shown that the vast majority of cases, the normal microflora is restored by itself.

Anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy is the second phase of the integrated management of prostatitis.

It is aimed at relieve swelling and getting rid of negative consequences of the disease. But that inflammation has not returned, as is often the case with all chronic diseases, it is necessary to pay attention to regenerative medicine.

Restore normal operation of the prostate requires a set of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Due to the fact that the development and treatment of the disease is individual, consult with a specialist, as you correctly arrange therapy on all three fronts of the struggle with the disease. Do not self-medicate. Take care of yourself and your family.

Три этапа лечения инфекционного простатита