Three products for anti-ageing


Proper nutrition is the Foundation of health and longevity. It is therefore important to understand what and why you eat. Today we will share three products that, according to experts, slow the aging process.

Три продукта для замедления старения

In the first place red sweet pepper, or, as it is often called – Bulgarian. The main positive effect – production of collagen. Our body itself produces its own collagen, but over time this feature is gradually being lost. This is the cause of wrinkles, sagging skin and so on. Bell peppers are very rich in vitamin C.

Even lemon is inferior for this indicator. In addition, peppers are rich in vitamins B6, B1, E and A (beta-carotene), potassium, folic acid. Also among the pleasant bonuses to the regular use of pepper – prevention of anemia and vision problems.

Besides pepper, the experts suggest to consume almonds. It is very effective in strengthening the immune system. This is possible due to the high content of vitamin E (daily value per 100 grams of nuts). Almonds also contains manganese, magnesium and phytic acid.

Another product, anti-aging is spinach. It protects vision, prevents intracellular inflammation, works as an antioxidant, strengthens hair and nails. Contains iron, magnesium, lutein, quercetin, vitamins a, C, E and K.

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