Three Quebec cities in the top 25 of the best small towns in Canada

Three Quebec cities in the top 25 best small towns in Canada


Three cities in Quebec, including Lévis, are in the top 25 of the best small cities in the country, but it is Victoria, British Columbia that takes pride of place in this ranking released Monday by Resonance Consultancy.< /strong>

The 25 best small towns in Canada were ranked according to the quality of their environment, their infrastructures, their institutions and their attractions, according to the activities they offer to all, their human capital, their prosperity, but also and in particular their promotion on social networks.

Thus, the cities of Lévis, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières are part of this ranking and occupy the 12th, 16th and 19th place respectively.

Lévis is described there as safe, affordable and “almost European in its management of citizens and industry”. 

“Lévis is building for the future while embracing its past”, perhaps we read.

The location of the city of Sherbrooke, in the heart of the Eastern Townships and 30 minutes from the state of Vermont, in the United States, was particularly praised, as was the multitude of ski resorts in the surrounding area.

The proximity of Trois-Rivières to the cities of Montreal and Quebec is one of the criteria put forward. 

The historic district, the green spaces and the view of the Saint -Laurent have also been touted.

British Columbia and Ontario

Victoria, British Columbia, located between tropical forests and Pacific beaches , occupies the first place of this 25. 

The quality of its environment, its climate, its nightlife, its strategic location for several industries are among the arguments that tipped the scales, according to Resonance Consultancy.

British Columbia is in the spotlight as the second city in the ranking, Kelowna, is also located there. 

This is st Kingston, Ontario, which takes third place on the podium, followed by Niagara Falls and Waterloo, in the same province.